The Fancy Hat Adventures is back!

After a long time of the Fancy Hat Adventures being down, it’s finally back! You can play it here: There is also now a forum section for the game! You can get to it with this link:

The Fancy Hat Adventures – 1.8 out now!

After a long time with no updates, the Fancy Hat Adventures is now back with a new update! Here’s a list of things we added in 1.8: (or, if you don’t really care and just want to play it, click here) Fancy Hat 1.8 “Top-Hat” NEW! A “what’s new” button in the top right corner […]

What do you want in The Fancy Hat Adventures 1.9?

I’m working on the Fancy Hat Adventures 1.9! But what do you want in it? New enemies? Better physics? New level designs? Go ahead and comment below and tell me what you think should be in 1.9! Things that have already been added to the upcoming 1.9: Backflips! Bouncy pads! (Like springs, but much funner) […]

Cave Runner is Coming Soon to the Google Play Store!

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been over a year since I last posted! I was working on some projects, but to be honest I couldn’t come up with any game concepts that seemed fun, or even interesting. But with the recent news of the OUYA store shutting down in a couple of months, I thought why not […]

Knockout now available on the OUYA store!

EDIT: v1.1 is now out with single player mode! Go download the latest update! Bobmania is back with a 2nd game: Knockout! Knockout is a 1-4 player battle game where you must knock each other off the island without falling off yourself. It features 2 modes: Versus, and Tournament. Versus mode: Try to knock each other off, […]