We’re making a new game for the OUYA: Cave Runner

Bobmania is back, and this time we’re making a new game for the OUYA: Cave Runner It’s going to be your classic runner game, but with a twist. There’ll be powerups, leaderboards, a disco mode just for fun, and much more! The game is currently about 60% done, we should have a game out on […]

FancyHat 2.0: “Fez” Released!

  FancyHat 2.0 Fez is out now! You can play it here: http://www.bobmania.com/FancyHat%20Site/Fancy.html Here’s what we added in this update: NEW! Level 4! NEW! You can now go to other worlds! Go into world select and then once you’ve finished world 1 you can click “Choose a World” inside of world select and choose a different […]

Upcoming Features in FancyHat 2.0: Fez!

Sorry for no updates on anything lately, I’ve been working on a massive update for FancyHat 2.0! In FancyHat 2.0, Fez, it’s going to include just some of these awesome features: Leaderboards! Compete against friends and try to get the highest score. Travel to other planets! New levels! Level 4, and levels for other planets. […]

Fancy Hat 1.9 Released!

  Fancy Hat 1.9 is out now! Also you can now play Fancy Hat on the desktop, if you want to get it you can click here. Or, if you’d still like to play it online, you can also click here!   Here’s a list of what’s new in 1.9: * NEW! Along with this […]