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Fancy Hat Adventures – 1.7 “Fedora” is here!

Fancy Hat 1.7 Fedora is out now in the Bob Labs! 1.7 brings loads of cool new features, and a whole new level! Features include: Spike pits, better menu graphics, better animations, and the long waited ability to die! (really, I don’t know why you all wanted  to die so badly… But you can now die, […]

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New in-dev Game!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve released another in-dev game for Bob Labs! It’s called “I, Dalek”. In the game you’re a Dalek. (if you don’t know what a Dalek is, then SHAME ON YOU!) You go around exterminating stuff… Like any good Dalek. It’s in its very early stages. You can play it here:

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I, Dalek 1.1 Released!

Version 1.1 of I, Dalek has been released! In this update we’ve added: You can now die Longer level Minor bug fixes You can now use WASD to move Changed fonts Added shading (Ex: farther down is darker) Check back often for more updates! You can play the game here:

Why isn’t The Fancy Hat Adventures up yet?

A lot of people have been asking “Why isn’t The Fancy Hat Adventures up yet?”… Well, to be honest, we don’t really have a good reason. Just kidding. We wanted to create a sub-domain for The Fancy Hat Adventures (different look and layout, and the link would be “” instead of and why we […]

The Fancy Hat Adventures is back!

After a long time of the Fancy Hat Adventures being down, it’s finally back! You can play it here: There is also now a forum section for the game! You can get to it with this link: