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Bobmania is back! is back online after a mistake in uploading to another of our websites strangely merged with, This was not a hostile takeover by any means, and all is right in the world once again. If you want more explanation in this matter of international importance please click here.

370 3.0 is under construction!

Hey everyone, if your reading this right now the site is probably a mess, that’s because we are in the process of moving the site to wordpress! Once the site has been moved over there will be content published more often, more types of content published, and a way cooler design to the site! Come […]

bob square

Bobmania 3.0 is almost done!

Bobmania 3.0 is almost done! Just a few more things to add and fix. Once it’s finished, expect lots of new content on a regular basis! Also, if you haven’t noticed you can make accounts now… Why not make one? (top left corner)

In-Dev Bobmania

Bug Fixes

Some bugs have been fixed, such as broken links in Bob Labs, Bong’s background being white, and other small bugs.