Fancy Hat 1.9 Released!

fancy hat 1.9


Fancy Hat 1.9 is out now! Also you can now play Fancy Hat on the desktop, if you want to get it you can click here.

Or, if you’d still like to play it online, you can also click here!


Here’s a list of what’s new in 1.9:

* NEW! Along with this awesome update, you can now play FancyHat on the desktop!

* NEW! An all new parallax background!

* NEW! Hang on to ledges! Get next to an edge an press down to climb down it.

* NEW! Backflips! Jump up and start going the opposite direction to do a backflip!

* NEW! Pixel-percise player rotation on the ground galore! (seriously, there isnt a way to explain it, just play it!)

* Many momentum and gravity bugs fixed

* Level 1 has a new background!

* Minor changes to level 2

* Minor changes to level 1

* More player animations!

* Better collision detection with bats, and the pencil enemy.

* New music in level 1

* Improved the bats animations (again)

* Fixed saving glitches (AGAIN)


* The whole game is loaded before you play it, so no more white-screens!

* The whole game is in 1 file now, plus compressed the music; So the whole game went from over 40MB to 5MB! No exageration, so not only no white-screens but also lightning fast initial load time!

* An improved wall sliding animation.

* Changed score text fonts.

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