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Check out my new game on OUYA: Knockout!

Knockout is a 3D battle game where you must knock each other off the island. Only on OUYA!

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Knockout now available on the OUYA store!

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EDIT: v1.1 is now out with single player mode! Go download the latest update!

Bobmania is back with a 2nd game: Knockout!
Knockout is a 1-4 player battle game where you must knock each other off the island without falling off yourself. It features 2 modes: Versus, and Tournament. Versus mode: Try to knock each other off, last man standing wins. Tournament mode: First one to get 3 kills wins.

Knockout can be played with friends, or against the computer. Knockout is only 99 cents on the OUYA store, and will be getting updates over the next few months to make it a lot more fun!

About Bobmania

Bobmania makes online Flash games as well as games for the OUYA Indie console.

I'm a 13 year old kid who enjoys learning to program in Adobe Flash and Unity.

My latest game was for OUYA called: "Knockout", and right now I'm working on a super secret project.

I've also made a game for OUYA called "Cave Runner", which is an 8-bit infinite runner.

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