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Check out my new game on OUYA: Knockout!

Knockout is a 3D battle game where you must knock each other off the island. Only on OUYA!

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FancyHat 2.0: “Fez” Released!



FancyHat 2.0 Fez is out now!

You can play it here:

Here’s what we added in this update:

  • NEW! Level 4!
  • NEW! You can now go to other worlds! Go into world select and then once you’ve finished world 1 you can click “Choose a World” inside of world select and choose a different world to go to
  • NEW! World 2!
  • NEW! Level 1 in world 2!
  • NEW! Level 2 in world 2!
  • NEW! High-score boards! Compete against other players to be #1!
  • NEW! Some cut-scenes have been added, more coming in the next update!
  • NEW! As you go on to other worlds, you meet alien races!
  • Major physics and momentum improvements
  • New menu look
  • New menu music
  • The helicopter part in world 1 level 3 is now much harder
  • Updated credits
  • Updated run animation
  • Updated the skidding animation
  • Updated world 1 level 2
  • More coins in all levels now
  • No more wall jump glitches – Wall jumps are working great now
  • Fixed glitches with enemies
  • What? Penguins can fly?

Have fun!

About Bobmania

Bobmania makes online Flash games as well as games for the OUYA Indie console.

I'm a 13 year old kid who enjoys learning to program in Adobe Flash and Unity.

My latest game was for OUYA called: "Knockout", and right now I'm working on a super secret project.

I've also made a game for OUYA called "Cave Runner", which is an 8-bit infinite runner.

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