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Fancy Hat Adventures – 1.7 “Fedora” is here!

Fancy Hat 1.7 Fedora is out now in the Bob Labs! 1.7 brings loads of cool new features, and a whole new level! Features include: Spike pits, better menu graphics, better animations, and the long waited ability to die! (really, I don’t know why you all wanted  to die so badly… But you can now die, […]

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New in-dev Game!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve released another in-dev game for Bob Labs! It’s called “I, Dalek”. In the game you’re a Dalek. (if you don’t know what a Dalek is, then SHAME ON YOU!) You go around exterminating stuff… Like any good Dalek. It’s in its very early stages. You can play it here:

The Fancy Hat Adventures is back!

After a long time of the Fancy Hat Adventures being down, it’s finally back! You can play it here: There is also now a forum section for the game! You can get to it with this link:

Upcoming features in Cave Runner

Hey guys, It’s been about 2 months like I said and Cave Runner is basically finished. It’s rebuilt from the ground up, and plays way better than the original version. (stable 60fps, no glitches of any sort, and better jumping mechanics) But it’s not getting released just yet; I’ve decided to start working on some awesome new […]

We’re making a new game for the OUYA: Cave Runner

Bobmania is back, and this time we’re making a new game for the OUYA: Cave Runner It’s going to be your classic runner game, but with a twist. There’ll be powerups, leaderboards, a disco mode just for fun, and much more! The game is currently about 60% done, we should have a game out on […]