Bobmania.com 3.0 is under construction!

Hey everyone, if your reading this right now the site is probably a mess, that’s because we are in the process of moving the site to wordpress! Once the site has been moved over there will be content published more often, more types of content published, and a way cooler design to the site! Come […]

dalek copy

New in-dev Game!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve released another in-dev game for Bob Labs! It’s called “I, Dalek”. In the game you’re a Dalek. (if you don’t know what a Dalek is, then SHAME ON YOU!) You go around exterminating stuff… Like any good Dalek. It’s in its very early stages. You can play it here: http://bobmania.com/i-dalek/

The Fancy Hat Adventures – 1.8 out now!

After a long time with no updates, the Fancy Hat Adventures is now back with a new update! Here’s a list of things we added in 1.8: (or, if you don’t really care and just want to play it, click here) Fancy Hat 1.8 “Top-Hat” NEW! A “what’s new” button in the top right corner […]

We’re making a new game for the OUYA: Cave Runner

Bobmania is back, and this time we’re making a new game for the OUYA: Cave Runner It’s going to be your classic runner game, but with a twist. There’ll be powerups, leaderboards, a disco mode just for fun, and much more! The game is currently about 60% done, we should have a game out on […]