The Fancy Hat Adventures – 1.8 out now!

After a long time with no updates, the Fancy Hat Adventures is now back with a new update!

Here’s a list of things we added in 1.8: (or, if you don’t really care and just want to play it, click here)

Fancy Hat 1.8 “Top-Hat”

  • NEW! A “what’s new” button in the top right corner of the menu
  • Many momentum and gravity bugs fixed
  • Level 1 expanded
  • Minor changes to level 2
  • Yet again, more animations for the player
  • Changed fonts on the menu
  • New music in level 1
  • Improved the bats animations
  • Fixed saving glitches
  • Fixed spikes
  • Better spring animations
  • Fixed glitch with springs where you only bounced on them sometimes
  • Fixed glitch with springs where you bounced even if you didn’t land on it
  • Level 3 is now less laggy, still laggy but at least less
  • New speech bubbles for signs
  • Signs are now a different color
  • Signs are now animated

If you find any bugs or got an idea for what should be in 1.9, you can talk about it here:

Have fun!



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