Upcoming Features in FancyHat 2.0: Fez!


Sorry for no updates on anything lately, I’ve been working on a massive update for FancyHat 2.0!

In FancyHat 2.0, Fez, it’s going to include just some of these awesome features:

  • Leaderboards! Compete against friends and try to get the highest score.
  • Travel to other planets!
  • New levels! Level 4, and levels for other planets.
  • New awesome menu background, new menu music to fit the other planets theme, and the new “Choose a World” button, with an awesome top-down map to other planets.
  • The whole game works smoother, no more wall jump glitches, if you run off a hill slanted upward, you’ll run off with momentum.
  • More challenging! The helicopter chase is now way harder, everything moves faster.
  • Awesome physics touch ups to make the game so much more fun, and feel less chunky.
  • Meet alien races on other planets!

Those are just a few of the things I’m adding to the game, much more great stuff is coming!

If you have more ideas of what I can add, I’d be happy to hear what you’d like in it!

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