What do you want in The Fancy Hat Adventures 1.9?


I’m working on the Fancy Hat Adventures 1.9!

But what do you want in it? New enemies? Better physics? New level designs?

Go ahead and comment below and tell me what you think should be in 1.9!

Things that have already been added to the upcoming 1.9:


Bouncy pads! (Like springs, but much funner)

Better animations, for bats, the player, and more.

Better collision detection for bats, you don’t get stuck in the endless loop as much, and other.


Either in 1.9 or 2.0 there might be online play! Ex: If your on online mode (optional), each level could have 2 players. Later as I get more understanding about all the online stuff people could create rooms, so the levels don’t get full too quick.

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